Henry County Siren System


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Tune to Local News Services for Specific Weather Information





The bulk of Henry county sirens are tested on Friday at 12:00 noon unless weather conditions are such that they might be needed for actual severe weather warning. Click on the Severe Weather System Network link for additional information.

If this occurs the test will be postponed until the following Friday.


Henry County Siren Report - 2016-03-23_Siren Report

Henry County Siren Report- Appendix C


The question is often asked about how and when the county-wide siren system is activated.  The Henry County Emergency Management Agency and Central Dispatch has established a protocol for activation of the siren system.

It is;

1.     When a TORNADO WARNING  has been issued for Henry County by the National Weather Service Indianapolis Office.

2.     When a public safety officer (police, sheriff, fire, or EMS) reports SIGHTING a funnel cloud or tornado and that report is passed on to the Communications Center.

3.     When Henry County is under a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING or a TORNADO WATCH  is issued for Henry County by the National Weather Service Indianapolis Office.  Historically, when these two events occur at the same time we have a tornado inside Henry County. SEE Severe Weather System Network

4.     When directed to activate the sirens by the Henry County Emergency Management Agency Director. 

5.     There is NO, "ALL CLEAR" signal.   Tune in to local radio or television broadcasts for information and instructions.

Henry Counties tone activated siren system may be activated from four locations; the Henry County Central Dispatch Center, the Henry County Emergency Management Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and the towns of Knightstown and Middletown. The towns of Knightstown and Middletown activate their sirens based on the same basic protocols listed above.

Central Dispatch tone activated sirens are generally tested every Friday at 12:00 a.m. unless there is a real threat of severe weather.  Single sirens may be activated during the day on other days of the week for repair or maintenance work.  This information is faxed to all media outlets as much in advance as we can.

There are a few areas in Henry County that utilize the local fire departments station siren for tornado/severe weather notification. In order for those areas to be notified the Central Dispatch Center must activate the fire departments fire pager, then a fire fighter must go to the fire station to activate the siren. Persons living in these areas do not have the same time buffer as those that live in an area that Central Dispatch Center activates the sirens. Persons living in these areas must react much quicker to reach safety.

Efforts are being made to convert all Henry County sirens to be tone activated. For more information on what you can do to help with this project contact the Henry County Emergency Management Agency at (765) 521-0582.