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An addition to the Henry County Emergency Services Training Center, Search City will allow police, fire and EMS responders a place to train in a community setting. From searching for lost children or radiological sources to tactical SWAT operations, the structures will be set up to represent main street USA with stores and vehicles. We intend to build a few structures that will be reconfigurable for special operations.


Search City will be built utilizing structures constructed from semi-trailers, truck boxes and wood frame structures. With sidewalks, street lights, stop lights and even a RXR crossing, we intend to have a place to teach children bicycle safety and even moving around parked cars.


Located in the North West corner of the training facility, the city will occupy 44000 square feet or just over 1 acre. The plan is to build structures along the fence and then build the center of town. With roadway access through town responders will be able to respond in emergency vehicles for realistic training. A static roadway will allow the placement of fixed training assets such as a tractor-trailer, commercial bus plus additional vehicles. A future planned improvement will include observation towers as funding permits.


Search City will be the premier hands on training option in eastern Indiana.


We are allowing businesses the opportunity to place a store front on site with advertising for the price of building it. This provides us with additional resources for construction and businesses a place to advertise and let responders know they support them. The average cost of a structure depends on the price of the container/trailer plus door, window and paint.


If you would like to discuss what you could do to help please feel free to contact me.