Individual Damage Assessment Reporting Form



Henry County is vulnerable to a host of disasters that could cause public and private property loss and damage.

When disasters occur, damage assessment must be completed to identify what, and the extent of the damage. Damage assessment is essential for returning the community to normal after a major emergency or disaster. The Henry County Office of Emergency Management utilizes its volunteers, responders and staff to conduct preliminary damage assessment (PDA) missions. As you can imagine the initial assessment is usually conducted by the owner or occupant. They’re normally the first to discover the type and extent of the damage and are the most affected by it.

A preliminary damage assessment (PDA) is designed to rapidly determine the extent of damage, to provide accurate information to County authorities, and to support and expedite requests for State or Federal assistance. The preliminary damage assessment (PDA) identifies and evaluates the magnitude and severity of a disaster and uses the results to determine whether supplemental Federal and other assistance is necessary to recover.

The PDA serves as the foundation for conclusions and recommendations developed in the local Emergency Operations Center to verify the possibility of requesting State or Federal assistance. When the President declares a major disaster, the PDA data serves as the basis for determining the amount of immediate needs funding available to local public entities under the Public Assistance program. The PDA also helps identify unmet needs that require immediate response and to forecast staffing levels, space requirements, and technical and other resources necessary to ensure proper Federal and State management of a disaster recovery operation.


We need your help; after a storm or emergency please click on the link below and complete the online form.



Online Damage Reporting Form