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This page and associated information is intended to help Government Officials as well as the general public understand the benefits of placing this system in service.

First and foremost this system is not intended to nor shall it be used to spy on or violate anyone’s civil liberties. The reason that this device was purchased is to aid in responder safety and assist in Search and Rescue after storms or other types of emergencies.


When a child is lost it takes time to mount a search and cover large areas, a Alzheimer’s patient walks away for a facility and walks into a field, a hazardous chemical truck or train wrecks and somehow responders need to recon the incident to identify the problems, a car is swept off a flooded road and the occupants cannot be seen. These are a few of the possible scenarios that this type of equipment would excel at. By providing what in the past was only available from news helicopters or by hiring aircraft to do the search victims may be found alive and responders are spared the extra effort and time of some of the recon work.


A question, how many people in today’s world have a device capable of taking your picture with them at all times? Cell phone, IPad, Tablet or digital cameras are all around us everywhere. Several times I have been on the scene of an emergency and turned around to find someone is taking pictures or recording video. What would be the difference between leaning out of a building, standing on a balcony or a flying a UAV? They are all doing the same thing? When a news chopper fly’s over taking pictures who even thinks about it? The only difference is a perceived notion that someone is spying on us, we are not. This is a tool to befit our responders and the public we serve.



Once the system has FAA approval all flights will be posted at least 24 hours on our Facebook page with the exception of emergencies (see the UAS SOP/SOG manual). Anyone that wishes to observe is more than welcome to be present and will be provided a safe location.


NOTE: On 2014-11-21 I received the following from the FAA:

COA 7711-1 for COA Application 2014-CSA-141-COA Henry County Indiana Office of Emergency Management DJI Phantom UAS has been approved. Would you please advise me when the coordination has been completed with the proponent and appropriate ATC Facilities. (This was accomplished on 2014-11-24)


Link to approved COA


Anyone that follows the office on Twitter will receive Tweets from our Facebook page.


All completed flight logs and all imagery may be viewed by appointment, please call (765) 521-0582 to schedule a date and time.

Link to office Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/henrycountyoem?ref=hl

Link to “Unmanned Aerial Corps” page – https://www.facebook.com/hcoem.uac


Links to all versions of the Unmanned Aerial Systems SOP/SOG are available below (As changes will occur, the most recent version will always be available here).



Click on the version number to download the SOP/SOG version needed.








1st Version provided to FAA

Ronald D. Huffman



Updates as suggested by FAA representative Steve Pansky/SAIC

Ronald D. Huffman



Addition of new House Bill 1009

Ronald D. Huffman



Upgrades to preflight form

Ronald D. Huffman